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Trauma/Critical Illness Protection

Trauma or Critical Illness insurance pays a lump sum benefit (the insured amount) to the insured person should a specific trauma (illness or injury) be diagnosed and confirmation of this diagnosis via medical reports is received by the insurance company. These traumas vary in number from company to company but generally range from 45 to 55 different conditions (these apply to the comprehensive policies rather than the standard policies which generally have fewer traumas specified). The traumas range from heart attacks and cancers through to organ failure etc. The traumas covered by each company are listed and described in the individual company's Product Disclose Statement (PDS).

Trauma Insurance is designed to provide funds to assist you financially whilst recovering from a trauma or crisis such as a life threatening illness. The payment is made regardless of whether or not you are able to return to work and is designed to relieve financial pressure at a time when you are under great stress.


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