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Claims Promise

The need to claim can be a time of great emotional upheaval and uncertainty. At KS Insurance Pty Ltd we provide our clients with full support at this time and assist our clients throughout the whole process. From completing claim forms to collating medical and financial evidence (where required), our team helps you liaise with the insurance company decision makers and any other professionals required thereby alleviating any problems that could occur. 

Our clients who have been in the situation of having to make a claim have been more than satisfied with the assistance our business provides and have become strong advocates of our business.


Dear Aubrey,
Just a short note to thank you for looking after me over the past 14 years. When I took out the Life Insurance policy and Income Protection policy after arriving in Australia in 1995, I wasn’t really concerned about getting sick and being off work for an extended period of time. Not at such a young age anyway. Nor did I know much about the trauma component of Life Insurance. Luckily for my family and me, you guided us to take out the policies that would best suit my needs.
While recovering at home at the end of last year, the hardest part of the process was standing up for 2 hours going through my filing cabinet trying to find the original policies so that you could submit the claim forms.
Thanks to your ongoing review of my situation and ensuring I was insured for the correct amount, I could continue to concentrate on fully recovering. Also, I didn’t have the financial stress as the trauma payout has given me financial peace of mind.
Thanks again for your ongoing concern and care, your expert advice and also for the flowers I received while I was in hospital. It was very much appreciated.
I look forward to continuing my long association with KS Insurances!    




Raoul met me when I had newly arrived in Australia. He became my trusted insurance adviser and 17 years ago started to review my insurance cover. He guided and educated me in taking appropriate cover and put plans in place to increase this cover over time.
The most important cover so far, as I have found out, is the need for Trauma Insurance.
I never thought I would need to use the cover but planned for “in case” something happened to me and I needed to take care of myself whilst recovering from an illness. When I was diagnosed with a dreaded disease, I had the cover which paid out. I thank Raoul for putting this cover in place so many years ago. If it wasn’t for him, I would most probably not have had the most appropriate insurance.
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