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KS Insurance Pty Ltd - Peace of mind, every step of the way

From assessing your individual needs to the choice of insurer, KS Insurance Pty Ltd are there to advise. We are also committed to being at the forefront of an ever evolving risk insurance market place and to provide our clients with cutting edge solutions. In doing this, we research the products seeking value and quality. Kleiman Shemer Insurance Pty Ltd are also there to assist managing the financial impacts on your family and business in the event of sickness, accident and even death. 

Understanding your needs:

We take the time to gain an understanding of your family and business circumstances ensuring that your levels of cover are appropriate to your needs. We at KS Insurance Pty Ltd also take into consideration your budget and seek value for money. 

Making the right product selections: 

We are able to choose from a broad range of products and underwriters. Using a combination of these options, we can in turn apply these to your circumstances. The key focus for us is packaging the right options for you in order to give you the results you need.  

Choosing the right insurance company:

Different insurance companies offer different solutions to a variety of clients. We choose the companies we deal with based on service, support and claims paying capacity. This analysis is based on real experience and many years of understanding how this industry works to the best advantage of our clients.

Ongoing Service:

We will work with you to keep your policies in line with your changing circumstances by contacting you on a regular basis. Regular contact can help you maintain the most appropriate cover available and keep the level of cover consistent with your changing needs. This service proposition includes the option of meeting with you at your workplace, your home or at our office in Box Hill.

Claims Promise:

Should you ever need to make a claim on your policy, KS Insurance Pty Ltd will provide you with a full service to ensure the efficient handling of your claim and processing of any payments. We will be there every step of the way providing you with advice and the benefit of our experience to make sure that there is as little financial disruption to your family and business as possible.

Raoul Shemer

Raoul Shemer has been in the insurance industry since 1983 and has vast experience in giving professional advice to his clients. Raoul specialises in small business people and professionals.

Outside of his insurance business, Raoul has been involved with volunteer marine rescue services since 1973, originally with the National Sea Rescue Institute in South Africa and since moving to Australia with the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard. He served as the commander of the St Kilda Flotilla for 12 years and he remains an active member involved with fundraising as well as Search and Rescue activities.

Aubrey Kleiman

Aubrey Kleiman has been an insurance adviser since 1972 and is experienced in giving professional advice to his clients supported by exceptional ongoing service. Aubrey specialises in small to medium business proprietors and professionals.

Adviser of the Year 2009

In 2009, Kleiman Shemer Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd were awarded Adviser of the Year by Financial Services Partners Pty Ltd, the license holder with which we are affiliated. It is an award given to those who have excelled as professionals in their field, providing sound advice and solutions to their clients.
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